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Visualising your data on maps instantly provides you with much more information than tables or graphs could ever provide. Think natural obstacles (rivers, lakes, forests) or areas which are densly populated and you begin to appreciate the benefits. If you can apply longitude and latitude information to your data then it can be plotted on a map and we can then help you cross examine the data, compare it with other data sets and convert that information into invaluable knowledge.

There is also a wealth of freely information available as the UK government continues to open up datasets from property prices to prescribing data. See for more information and remember that if it can have long/lat coordinates associated with it then we can help you turn that into a competitive advantage.

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INEA Rebuild

A database platform that enables Estate Agents to share and collaborate. What started as a fairly small data sharing application, now has a suite of specialist tools that are all designed to meet the needs of a British Estate Agent - from geo-mapping of properties to automated ‘colour particulars’ and including a range of dedicated email marketing tools that can transform productivity.
The rebuild of the INEA website blends our knowledge of mapping with big data so that agents can share their properties with other members.

Combining calendars and mapping for Bongoagogo

Using a combination of calendars and mapping, the website for is deceptively complex.

Mapping as a sales tool

The sales tool we put together for INEA

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