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To make an e-commerce site successful you need to bring together all the skills that make websites work.

  • The front end is all about a good customer experience: gathering good product information, presenting it in a manner that makes it easy for the customer to find what they are looking for (especially difficult if there are several thousand product lines), ensuring that the purchase process does not impose unnecessarily difficult obstacles.
  • SEO is vital for commercial success and the most important element of SEO is building the site to be indexed efficiently and accurately by the Search Engine robots. If the site has a large churn of products, all the new products need to be given real exposure asap.
  • At the back you need to be able to manage the fulfilment, track transactions and payments, manage the stock control interface and provide and use all the data that such a process can provide.
  • Then you need a platform that is robust and extensible, can handle sudden surges in demand, keeps all the data safe even when things go wrong, and
  • And then you need to build the whole structure in such a way that it can manage change over time. New product supplies, different supply chain opportunities, changes in technology and fashion.

We have done all of the above, and much more, for our customers, worked in a partnership that has lasted (in some cases) over 15 years no down time 24/7 support and an annual growth rate that is still 28% every year. Because that is the other ingredient, absolute dedication to achieving the results.  And that is why I particularly like ecommerce, because the results speak for themselves!

Related to E-Commerce


Newsstand has been a 23 year collaboration building an on-line magazine subscription business from a skunkworks project in the corner of the factory, into a multi-million pound business.
It's nice to wake up on a Saturday morning and read the latest issue of your favourite English magazine, even if you live far away. And that is precisely the service that Newsstand Magazines has set up for you. They will regularly post to you any of the 1,000s of magazines on their list, where-ever you are.

Vanguard implementation for Newsstand

The Vanguard payment gateway provides a certified solution for online purchasing, enabling e-commerce websites to handle high volumes of purchases. The system does no allow sensitive cardholder data to enter or pass through the merchant systems, thus ensuring compliance with PCI DSS.


This is a specialist eCommerce website for Fly Fishermen from around the world.

It comprises an archive documenting over 2,500 flies in photographs and recipe details, and from these we have chosen the 500 best flies and have them tied by experienced fly tiers using the best materials.
  This business has been built up as a joint venture.